posted 19.05.2021


Women are pretty amazing at talking and sharing life experiences when we need to debrief or feel understood. 

Isn’t it funny though, that while we might be happy to share details about sore nipples, or the colour of baby’s poop with strangers at our new mother’s group, there are some details we skip over

Over 70% of women experience this unexpected peeing as a result of pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and natural ageing.

Yep – that’s a lot of us. Two in 3 women over 35 years post childbirth actually pee a little bit when we run, laugh, bend, lift, sneeze or jump. Yet hardly anyone talks about it.

We don’t need to put up with wet, uncomfortable undies, or stop doing the things we want to do (like jumping on the trampoline with our kids, running for the bus, or simply having a good laugh.

For most women, it starts with a surprise pee that in most cases can be resolved with a quick change of undies and a pad and left untreated this condition only gets worse with time, but it does not have to be this way Bladder dysfunction is common but not normal.  At Body Lipo Lincoln we know how you feel and have the solution to bladder leakage with the new EMSella chair designed to strengthen the pelvic floor support the bladder and stop bladder leakage. We were one of the first in the UK to introduce the chair and have since treated 100’s for ladies with amazing results.  For more information click the link below.

EMSella Chair Information